Crazy Rabbits - Upgrade!

During this holiday, Easter, everybody talks about chocolate eggs and where to find them. I, like other people, think what’s with bunnies and eggs? They don’t lay eggs!
Ok, that’s a bit cliché, isn’t it? And I know it’s al about legends and traditions. Well, not for me. I wanted to go the opposite direction, to the most realistic path and give the rabbit a carrot. What’s up doc?!

The idea came up when I watching the newest Star Wars trailer when I glanced at the rabbits on the shelf right in front of me. Hmmm… the coolest rabbit needs to eat, so I should make a belt where he can hang his carrots.

I got excited about this little detail, so much that I’m thinking on adding some more accessories made in crochet or other materials. If I get some bright ideas, I’ll make sure to post it on my Instagram stories.
Keep your eyes peeled!

The Project: Crazy Rabbits

What’s up Doc?


Rabbits, who does not find them cute? Well, I think they can be more than that, they can be crazy, playful and simply adorable.

Crazy Rabbits were created thinking on a designer who a few years ago had the idea of re-creating their UglyDolls from printed designs into real stuffed toys. I knew of it during my college days, David Horvath is part of a range of artists who create collectible items, linked to design of course. One of these famous items are the vinyl dolls whose market I researched about for a while, even though I knew the price of collectibles was unsustainable for my fragile college pocket. Anyway, I still have a tiny collection of similar dolls (not so expensive), which have served as inspiration for some projects that I have been preparing.

The technical side of things!

The pattern for the Crazy Rabbits was created from scratch, the first of many that I will be doing in the future. However, it was done based on the basic teachings of crochet for amigurumi, where the whole work spiraled just using a stitch with regular increases and decreases, keeping a minimal, clean and well rounded look combined with soft colors of cotton yarn, Paris Drops.

As I read that making balls is the base of amigurumi crochet, the element used in crochet to start in amigurumi is the same. It’s advised to make several balls of different sizes to learn and practice the decreases and increases, and understand that mastering the balls well, is half way to understand the logic of increases and decreases, and do so practically with eyes closed.

For the rabbit’s ears I’ve tried tutorials on how to make cones from different wideness, which allows us to learn not only to make cones but also Chinese hats and water droplets (a garland I intend to decorate the shelf of my sheds).
As you can see, learning two or three basic elements of crochet gives us enough knowledge to start crocheting.

Color choice!

I have found myself working a lot with Drops yarns, especially the Paris for being a very soft cotton and light (not for a quilt though). Since I’m passionate about pastel colors, they have been a trend that has lasted for some years, and I wanted to choose three colors that contrast each other but at the same time create a chromatic connection between them. This three: mint green, pastel pink, mustard yellow; and two other limited edition: brown and petrol-blue.

To be honest, if I had to choose one I would be very hesitant, so I'd rather leave that little puzzle with you when you choose yours in the online store opening soon!

Customize yours!

If you have any specific color you would like to customize yours with, just send me a message through the form on the Contact page.

I hope you like the Crazy rabbits because they came to stay!


Crocheter’s notes

Yarn: Drops Paris Uni Colour 50g - 100% cotton
Drops Cotton Light 50g - 50% cotton 50% polyester
Hook: 3.5mm Clover Soft Touch