Drifting back & my new plants

I found myself in that spot again. That spot where I'm drained of inspiration and motivation to do things I like. It's some kind of a feeling of emptiness I have; like when we’re staring at a path that gets lost in the fog ahead of you and I just don't know which way to go. I know I have paths in front of me going in different directions, but since the fog is so thick it won't let me see anything, and I’m stuck there and can’t move forward.

So, to break through this, I decided to use this waiting time to reflect, to think thoroughly about what I like, the things I actually enjoy doing or making. No more trying! It’s about doing and seeing how the experience goes. If I appreciate it and want to repeat, that could mean that I found something I might dig deep into. Like I've been doing with crochet. I wanted to quit so many times, and instead I fought back and came back to it, and now I just want to spend my days making my rabbits and finally see my blanket all done (this last one is going to take more time than I thought).
I want to be able to make my own patterns, but I know myself and it will take a while until I feel comfortable making more complex designs, but I'll get there even if it takes years. I'm not giving up!


This said, there's an adventure I'm embracing again, and this time with more focus and dedication: plants! I'm taking advantage of the fact that I have a humid house with high ceilings and I want to decorate the house with plants. No more photo frames, statues, jars and so on. I'm tired of having to take them all out of the shelf, clean each one, clean the shelf and put all the stuff back up. Besides, it gives me this weird sense of clutter, of visual pollution. Too many colors, too many objects, there isn't a connection with each object. And since I'm a very visual person, here it is, the perfect solution: plants! plants everywhere! even the bedroom. Let's cleanse the air at home.

I started by searching for videos on Youtube about the basics of plants by firstly prioritizing the plant's level of maintenance, and then the right plants according to the amount of sunlight or lack of it around the house and humidity of the house so they can feed on it too. Last but not least, I looked into the fact that i have 2 dogs and they tend to chew greens when we go out for our daily walks, so i needed to know with which plants i should be extra careful and keep them away from them. This said, I came up with a list of great plants to get and started by getting a couple of them and mark on the calendar the days I water them. Let's see how it goes!

I had the experience of over watering cacti and sadly they looked soggy and drowned. I also had a spider plant I gave away when I came back to Portugal, and that little one was so beautiful, but it's in good hands now. I also had a lavender, and though it gave flowers and gifted us with a very relaxing scent throughout the house, it eventually died in a cold winter. Needless to say that I felt defeated and here's when I decided to stop getting plants, since I didn't the conditions and the focus to take care of them.

Here are the new babies I got! - fotos com captions

I got the first two on Ikea, they weren't the ones on my list but as far I could research in that moment they looked like plants that will survive in my hands. The other three on a supermarket while grocery shopping. I honestly don't know what got into me when i bought the strawberry plant, but I'm confident that she'll survive too. One other acquisition is going to be jasmin. I haven't researched to see if I have the conditions to have one, but I'm hoping for the best. I can't wait to have that amazing natural perfume floating around the house. And because i'm following a few Instagrammers on this subject I found a great book that @houseplantclub - ran by Morgan Doane & Erin Harding - launched, and it's called How to Raise a Plant.
So this is my next step: get a good book to guide me and give tips on how to raise my new babies successfully!

Once it arrives I’ll tell you more about it and my opinion on the book’s contents. In the meantine, I suggest follow their Instagram accounts as they’re so inspirational for me.