Crochet books: #2 Simple Crochet

I wasn’t particularly looking for anything in specific, but I was curious to see if Fnac had any interesting craft books and that's when I found this one, Erika Knight's "Simple Crochet".

I picked it up, sat on the floor of the isle flipping through the pages and it was love at first sight. I already choosen a few ideias I wan’t to tackle but it’ll have to wait until everything is set for the online shop. The shop comes first right now!

About the book ... as the title itself indicates, Erika shows the simple and basic side of crochet because there is nothing better than having good knowledge bases about the craft to know how to master and then create our own pieces from scratch. I already have the knowledge, but if we read carefuly there always something new to learn with it. In this case, I was fascinated how she “catalogued“ a few great crochet stitches in square samples and at the same time I found out that there are more stitches to learn. Isn’t it cool?

Each of the projects on the book iare identified with a level of difficulty explained in the first couples of pages, and as we go through it we are taught to choose yarn and colors, to understand how each one is classified by weight and also to which ends are most used. Further on it talks about the supplies and utensils used, especially the hooks and the various materials that can be used. - I only have aluminum needles with plastic or rubber handles. But I intend to try the bamboo ones.

A few pages further, one learns to make a knot used to start a chain and how to hold a needle, and so on.

And yes, an important point I neglected during my early stages of crochet, the yarn tension controlling the way the stitches flow through our fingers as we work. A few pages down the book and Erika teaches us so many important techniques that are worth being read and tested before venturing further on.

Ah! And let's not forget one fantastic thing about this book, the stitch glossary, as I mentioned above. For those who already do researches on Pinterest may already familiar with this process, but for those who have not yet seen, the stitich glossary is nothing more than stitch samples on a 10cm x 10cm square. It’s a wonderful way of learning everything about a specific stitch, from the elasticity of the it, the texture.

Finally, all the elements mentioned above are applied to the various projects in the book, where we learn to do various things for various purposes:

. Dish cloths

. cushions

. device cases

. blankets and scarves

. mittens and slippers ... among many more.

I can’t wait to make the slippers, but I haven’t had the opportunity to shop the recommended yarn, but it's well worth a try. Also, recently I've been reorganizing all the yarn I've got at home and I found two red heart-blended skeins and maybe I’ll adventure myself with the mittens for next winter!

If I do, I’ll make sure share some pics on Instagram and who knows it’s worth a post here in the blog.
Stay tuned to find out!