Crochet books: #1 Molla Mills


I don’t have as many books in crochet but I have enough for my adventures, and each one I choose, I do it with the purpose of learning more and more until I’m comfortable with making my own patterns.
Although I learned to crochet with my grandmother when I was around 10 years old, I didn’t always practice the craft and with time I lost interest until a few years ago. At this point I was already researching videos on Youtube and trying to interpret patterns on my own uncertain that I was interpreting correctly, but I wouldn’t give up!
This said, the other reason for purchasing theses books was to understand patterns and how can they be interpreted from language to language, because in Portuguese or Spanish we distinguish the basic stitches differently.

Today I have three books that are the ones that I go to whenever I need, either to learn to create my own pieces or to recreate those of the authors. There is one thing that most people do, that is, skip pages with text and go directly to the patterns. Wrong!
Since I stopped being lazy and started reading the introductory texts I discovered a series of tips that are essential and many of them basic, and I ended up thinking: "I was here killing myself making decreases as invisible as possible and after all everything is here! ". And who says decreases also says close the work, change the color of the yarn in the most subtle way or know how to sew the various parts of an amigurumi without messing it up. Anyway, I have a list of so many other books I want to buy, but I’ll only buy them once I've finished exploring the ones I already have .

Modern Crochet - Molla Mills

This book was one of the happiest discoveries I made on this admirable crochet world. Molla is a spectacular Finnish woman with incredible talent who has brought a more modern, geometric, minimalist and colorful side to the craft. It is impossible not to like the work of this 50’s stylish woman.

Molla has traveled the world combining leisure with creative workshops to begrudge anyone (in a good way of course!).



Instagram: @molla.mills

Instagram: @molla.mills

The Book

The book begins by introducing us to the various types of material used for each project. From types of yarn, cotton rope and rags, through hooks to punches and other supplies and utensils needed to do all the work that’s in the book. It has patterns for all tastes starting with bags, cases, covers and cushion covers.
You can fill the house with beautiful things without seeming an exaggeration. I already made three bags in two colors, I just need to sew the clasps and the handles. Soon you will be able to see them in my portfolio here.

For those interested in buying the book, I got mine at the Book Depository.