Crazy Rabbits - Upgrade!

During this holiday, Easter, everybody talks about chocolate eggs and where to find them. I, like other people, think what’s with bunnies and eggs? They don’t lay eggs!
Ok, that’s a bit cliché, isn’t it? And I know it’s al about legends and traditions. Well, not for me. I wanted to go the opposite direction, to the most realistic path and give the rabbit a carrot. What’s up doc?!

The idea came up when I watching the newest Star Wars trailer when I glanced at the rabbits on the shelf right in front of me. Hmmm… the coolest rabbit needs to eat, so I should make a belt where he can hang his carrots.

I got excited about this little detail, so much that I’m thinking on adding some more accessories made in crochet or other materials. If I get some bright ideas, I’ll make sure to post it on my Instagram stories.
Keep your eyes peeled!