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Six plants easy to take care of.

Six plants easy to take care of.

As I mentioned on the previous post, this is a new adventure for me and to avoid any screw ups right from the start, I thought it would be a good idea to start with just a few plants at a time and initiate my routine. From the moment I feel comfortable and ready, I’ll be gradually adding new ones to the family.
For my initial choice I took notice of the four main elements:

water + light + environment + extras

Another thing I did (and it worked as a mindful exercise) was to observe the different house spaces, found the coldest and the warmest corners, the most and less humid spaces, where to place what to combine with the decoration and furniture.
I a small sunroom right beside the kitchen, my favourite place of the house and the best place to raise some greens since the humidity and the sun are more abundant in this area with around four hours of direct sunlight, with a light curtain to avoid burning leafs. During Winter is the corner that retains warmth to keep the plants safe from the cold, and during Summer there’s always a fresh breeze passing by, which they love to freshen up.

Monstera deliciosa

monstera deliciosa
. Loves a lot of indirect sunlight;
. Likes having her leaves cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth once a week;
Water once a week at least - wait till the soil is dry before watering;
. Likes humid spaces;
. To avoid excess growth, leaves should be trimmed with some regularity.

Peace Lily

peace lily
. great to purify the air and get rid of toxins;
. loves shades and colder spaces, it’s excellent to have in apartments with low natural light;
. it tolerates low humidity;
. its leaves start falling when it’s lacking water, but will perk up again as soon as they get water.

Snake Plant

snake plant
. great for beginners;
. doesn’t much light and water to survive;
. it’s one of the few plants that emits oxygen day and night, and as such it purifies the air;
. and it’s perfect to have in the bedroom;
. it goes well anywhere in the house.


Golden Pothos

. it’s a bindweed;
. ideal to place on high shelves, decorate the top of cabinets, perfect to have on top of the kitchen’s cupboards;
. waters when there’s no water left on the plate or there’s barely any moist soil;
. goes well in anywhere as long as there is no air stream, heaters or air conditioners;
. keep away from pets.

Spider Plant

spider plant
. safe for pets;
. loves a lot of indirect sunlight and dryer soil than most plants;
. keep it by a window and they love to be hanged;
. you can also grow them/propagate them in water.

Aloe Vera

. loves indirect sunlight;
. ideal to stay by windows, or parapet;
. doesn’t need much watering, just like the Snake plant.

#tbt Duck . Hong Kong bbq in Dublin

#tbt Duck . Hong Kong bbq in Dublin

#tbt Dublin on a rainy weekend.

#tbt Dublin on a rainy weekend.