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In the beginning...

In the beginning...

Aaaah plants… how should I start…

I always liked plants and had the habit to admire my grandma religiously taking care of her yard filled with many kinds of plants. But for the short periods I had plants at my responsibility , things wouldn’t end well. Either because I would water them too much or too little, or I weren’t putting them in best areas of the house, besides other details that I probably missed.

A few months ago I moved to a new apartment , and I felt the wish to try and have plants around the house again.

Considering that I’ve been adding minimalism to my life in general, I took the time and patience to research about the theme, to learn the best ways to decorate a house with plants and which go where. Later on I finally discovered that instead of thingies around the house just making space, plants are the best choice to give life and color to the house, and let’s not forget a more purified air allied to humidity clearing by letting them get fed on it. Just like a greenhouse!

From this day on, I’d watch some Youtube videos, the so called plant lovers or people who simply like to share their experience with home plants. And the main keywords used on my research where:

“The best plants to have at home.”

“The easiest plants to take care of.”

Armed with a noteblock and a pen, I took notes a understanding the basics of planting at home.
Curious fact: I found most of them stating that ever since they got plants in their lives, they feel their lives are more structured and organized, they now had an mindful routine, I’d say. It really feels good to follow the growth of a plant.

And this is one of the main reasons to get on board of this nature’s challenge.

Here are some of the ideas I research:

#tbt Dublin on a rainy weekend.

#tbt Dublin on a rainy weekend.

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