Puzzle Balls to take!

This is a project that I started and it's going to be continuous project to do in between projects, easy to carry around to anywhere. 

These balls are made in fabric to help children stimulate their senses and movements, and are known as Montessori balls, coming from the Montessori method.
Apart from this little curiosity, I wanted to make them in crochet because it is a way of creating simple objects but allied to usefulness, besides that can be matched with different colors.

They require basic knowledge of crochet: double crochets, increases, and decreases.
The ball itself is composed of 3 interlocking rings forming the ball, and each ring consists of 4 small triangular pyramids - if they can be described in this way - that are attached to each other.
You can play with different colors for each of the rings as well as for each pyramid. I don't like to go beyond 2 colors, except for the multicolored yarn in which the mixture is made randomly and we end up creating interesting and unexpected effects.

Here are some of the balls I've made so far. And you can see more in the portfolio here on the blog!