Supplies, where are you?

I don't know about you but I have this thing about getting supplies and I'm not referring to yarn. I'm talking about other stuff like cord, leather straps, and locks. 

Right now, I'm cyberhunting for leather straps for some bags for a big order I have to finish. I'm looking for rolls of leather, because then I can cut to the size I want, instead of buying cut out pieces, but I must say it's not easy. I wanted to find a source here in Portugal to make it cheaper to ship and to support local businesses, but so far nothing... Help in this department please?!

If anyone knows online shops that could ship to Portugal at a good price, please feel more than free to leave a comment below or you can send the info through the contact form on the Contact page.
I'd be more than appreciated!

For now, here are the websites where I've been shopping (click the image to visit the website):


Puzzle Balls to take!

This is a project that I started and it's going to be continuous project to do in between projects, easy to carry around to anywhere. 

These balls are made in fabric to help children stimulate their senses and movements, and are known as Montessori balls, coming from the Montessori method.
Apart from this little curiosity, I wanted to make them in crochet because it is a way of creating simple objects but allied to usefulness, besides that can be matched with different colors.

They require basic knowledge of crochet: double crochets, increases, and decreases.
The ball itself is composed of 3 interlocking rings forming the ball, and each ring consists of 4 small triangular pyramids - if they can be described in this way - that are attached to each other.
You can play with different colors for each of the rings as well as for each pyramid. I don't like to go beyond 2 colors, except for the multicolored yarn in which the mixture is made randomly and we end up creating interesting and unexpected effects.

Here are some of the balls I've made so far. And you can see more in the portfolio here on the blog!


The desire to own a blog comes from a long time ago, but for many reasons (maybe too many), I've quit and come back repeatedly. This time is for real!

I was able to stop everything I was doing before, be patient and observe other blogs, read articles on how to have/organize/maintain the blog and, I even got my eyes on some courses and workshops on this matter that I would like to participate. Deep down, all these steps and this period of reflexion helped me get inspired to create content, which is the key element of any blog and to captivate the readers' attention as well as identify themselves with my experiences.

And this was one of my biggest obstacles!  Every single time I would start writing, at some point I would sabotage myself and my work by thinking that the subject doesn't interest anyone and that it's overrated, or something like that. I would immediately stop writing and close the blog.
I was still in search of a theme that would flow naturally out of my brain and through my fingers directly to the keyboard, Soooo instead of thinking about a theme in particular, or trying to fit in a social media niche, I simply cut the crap and started writing about whatever I wanted... and this is it!

I know I got a long way ahead, and I'm confident that I'll make it through one post at a time. And I'll be writing about stuff I like... crochet! And some other "happenings" in my life that I'll find worthy of sharing.

I want to thank in advance to everyone that is paying a visit to this online scrapbook of mine, and please feel free to leave suggestions, ideas or just a Hi! on the comments. Or go ahead an email me, I'd be more than happy to read your messages!
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