About me…


 . crochet maker
. Mom to two doggies Rex & Lilo
. Aspiring Minimalist
. plant explorer

Hook of Life came up when I felt like sharing some curiosities, moments, hobbies and much more with the public.
Since blogs exist, I’ve always wanted to have one but thought I didn’t had much content make it come true, nor I even knew where to start. And because of this lack of a solid base and concept, I created so many blogs that I lost count of, and quit after a while. Having a blog just because is not enough. Not even close!

The name, Hook of Life, is inspired in my passion for crochet, the hobby I’ve been dedicating more and more of my time and it works like a Swiss knife for me. (You can find out more about this comparison on the crochet section here.)
And I also have a recently opened shop at Etsy, check it here.

The other reason that led me to write this blog is because I’ve been noticing a change in my life, as a woman, an adult… as a person going through mutations, let’s put it like this. I remember a friend making an observation of her life stating that when we’re on your thirties we go through another sort of “puberty” phase, some kind of a level up of life perception and introspection.
And guess what? This is so right, I feel like I’m fortifying myself. But this is a conversation to be taken to the blog.
Hop on on my Journey wagon.

Before crochet, I adventured myself on some amateur photography.
The curiosity was always there, since from short age I was given cameras to play with. But what made me explore a bit more of this analogue world was the mechanics of it and all the hand work it takes to have a printed photo. And the coolest part of it was that when I went to college, I had a dark room to work in and make my own experiments.
This is a hobby that ended up on a shelf because crochet conquered all my time, but where I still apply my photography knowledge to create my crochet portfolio and share it with you.

Stick around and get know much more!
And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to click the button below and fill the form. :)

Once again, welcome!